Set in the region of Iddei create your own path as you travel along the road to becoming a pokemon master.

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Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all)

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1 Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:36 pm


I will continue to update this single post as my thoughts form in my head.

Alright, there are 4 gens and thus 12 starter pokemon... I think it's fair that people be allowed to start off with one of those twelve;

From there they can obtain up to 5 other pokemon. There will be no PC system, so a person must release a previous pokemon to get a new one on their team. (Optional). Unlike the original system based on chance, capturing pokemon in the wild is based on what sort of ball you are using. You start out with three poke'balls and must RP for more. Upon approaching a pokemon in character, one must RP battling and weakening that pokemon (it would be impossible to NPC ALL those pokemon). They then use the specified poke'ball to capture it. This is an automatic process, but will require the person to acquire new balls in order to capture new pokemon. (this will require that each ball be given a group of pokemon it works best on). They can then continue to train these pokemon as they see fit. While us staff know which balls work for which pokemon, the average trainer will not!

Pokemon learn new moves as they progress. Because this is for fun and not suppose to be intensive, upon capturing a pokemon, the user can obtain 4 moves from its original move pool. After each battle won, the pokemon that participate can add a single move from its original move pool to it's move bank.

Special moves can be obtained though TMs, HMs, and Move Tutors or other pokemon. Move Tutors will be NPCs that can teach a hand full of techniques to a pokemon that can learn them. A person that approaches a Move Tutor in character can have one of their pokemon taught this move at a caught of some Rare Item.

TMs are techniques much like move tutors, however only work once. They can be taught to a pokemon to increase it's move bank. Once used on a pokemon, they will learn it automatically, however, the TM is no more. These too, must be obtained in character.

HMs are like TMs, with the exception that they dont break. Also, HMs allow access to different parts of the map that are otherwise impossible to get to. For example, some areas may require cut, and so you must have one of your pokemon learn cut in order to get into such an area. HMs are usually acquired by specific events, or by NPCs interaction.

Finally, a pokemon can learn moves from a pokemon of it's species in character. If two trainers have pokemon of the same species, they can ,in-character, have the pokemon teach each other moves to add to their move bank, even if these aren't part of the original move pool.

The stats of a pokemon will be borrowed from the same system used in the game. This means the strengths and weaknesses for a pokemon will be the same on a species by species basis. A 10 point difference in a stat is enough to make a small difference in performance.

-In Battle-

In a battle, specific rules can be set. This is where the idea of a pokemon RPG shines in that it isn't limited to a turn based system. Pokemon can use technique along with their environment in a variety of ways. However, one important factor is that Physical attacks have a semi-god mod quality to them. As in, in a certain range they have to do SOME damage. Otherwise 'dodging' would become even more god moddish as fighting type moves etc., would become completely useless. This system will shy away from the turn based shinanigans, as one may be able to move fluently instead of having to wait for each person to do something. Like all battles, they will be moderated to some degree, and the staff member will have the final say of who wins a duel between to pokemon. A battle will continue in this fashion until either one side gives up, or all of one sides pokemon are defeated. One important note to remember is that you would be RPing as the trainer, NOT the pokemon. Owned pokemon are creative, but also don't move unless instructed to do so. It is important that you actively command a dialog with your pokemon before describing your pokemons actions, otherwise your move can be voided or auto-dodged. Think of this as the... hand signs of pokemon. The more complicated the move you want your pokemon to pull off, the more direct you must be in verbalizing it to your pokemon.

Pokemon are allowed to hold a single item going into battle. These are the same items specified in the pokemon game, including berries. However, these too, must be found in game. Normal items cannot be used in battle unless the two agree that they can be used; thus someone can't run up and pump a full restore into their pokemon. Battle Items such as X Attack and Dire. Hit, won't be included (optional)

Attacking Combinations -- Combinations of techinques can exist in which the pokemon is commanded to perform two moves at once with a single goal in mind. While may combinations aren't reasonable, some techniques will combinations will be allowed this way.

Attacking Combos -- A Combo is different then a combination. A combo is a certain sequence of attacks that result in higher performance. For example, using a 'defense roll' before then using a 'roll out' can increase the power of the roll out. These are usually always sequential in origin. In other words one then another. Combos exist to up to three moves and must be discovered in battle. Once discovered they can be continued to be used. Some in game events can hint to these Combos.

Double Battles -- Some battles can be 2v2 situations, in which two pokemon face off against two pokemon. While not common, any battle can become a double battle if each opponent agrees on it. Some moves have different appeals and uses in double battles such as hitting multiple opponent. Some moves are even only used for double battles. However, pokemon are still defeated on a pokemon by pokemon basis. The trainer will also decide the movements of both pokemon, and thus must multimanage his directions; being sure to be strict and accurate in his commands. This may add an extra level of complexity to pokemon battling.

Pokemon switching is defaulted to 3 per battle, as unlike the game you cannot, at will switch pokemon. In gyms, switching out a pokemon means that he can no longer be used that battle, so do so sparingly! In in character battles against other trainers, however, the two can decide on however many switches is allowed if 3 is too much/not enough. Pokemon switching cannot be used as a dodging device. One must evade all attacks before attempting switching pokemon.

If one loses a battle, they are 'teleported' back to a the closest pokemon center or the closest one they have access to in which they must take part in a small RP dialog with our omnipotent NPC Nurse Joys. They can then continue their journey from there.

-Evolving pokemon-

Evolving pokemon is also a loose leafed idea. A trainer can evolve 1 pokemon for ever 3 wins in battle he achieves. A trainer can also evolve 1 pokemon upon obtaining a gym badge. Thus by defeating a 8 gyms, you can evolve 8 times! Not to mention all the battles you have. The pokemon will adopt their lessers move bank and can continue to add to it as they see fit from the new move pool of the evolved pokemon.

Some pokemon have special requirements to evolve and thus wont evolve the same way. Some require a special item such as a fire stone, or event, such as trading or trading while holding a certain item. These items must be obtain in character. However, some pokemon of note have very specific means of evolving. A slowbro is the result of a slowpoke being bitten on the tail. These special event evolutions will be recorded and required.

-Pokemon Areas-

The region is sectioned off and in each section different pokemon can be found. A person must travel to this section in order to encounter the pokemon he/she wishes to capture. while common pokemon are found on the normal path and easily collected with pokeballs, others are restricted to HM access, gym badge access, or even require different kinds of pokeball (IE, fastball, heavyball, diveball etc.,) to acquire. This way, rare pokemon are only accessible to those that have done the IC work to acquire them.

-Legendary pokemon-

These are Event only pokemon that only appear in ones. They don't necessarily have a single area, and are only obtained by participating in events. Sometimes, by winning tournaments, one can obtain a legendary pokemon as a reward. If they are release in the wild, they can only be obtained with a masterball, and can only be caught once before the are stripped from the regional list of pokemon.


People that meet in character at Poke-Centers will be allowed to trade a single pokemon per thread. Swapping of complete teams isn't allowed. If a single account has more then one trainer, then they cannot trade pokemon with themselves.


PCs, NPCs, and STCs

PC = You, the trainers, the Gym leaders, and the elite four, will all be PCs. These are what you put all your work into, and the bread and butter of your experience.

NPCs =
Your pokemon are NPCs. They aren't technically you, but you control them as their trainer.
There are many others that are NPCs controlled by the staff. This can be the respective professors, event characters, Nurse Joys, and Shop Keepers. Anything that may require more then the generic conversation to acquire will have a formal NPC.

STCs =
Single Text Characters are much more simple and generic. These say the exact same things all the time, and are often posted as stickies in regions so that their knowledge is know to all around. These are often wooden sign posts, or the man that loiters in the front of all the gyms. These often give clues as to the location of special items, combos, events, etc., or just friendly advice on how to best a gym leader.

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2 Re: Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:49 pm


As for Gym Leaders and maybe even Elite Four Members, they should have Pokemon to be used for Gym/Elite Four Battles and Personal Pokemon to raise.

3 Re: Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:46 pm


Gym Leaders and Elite Four--

Touching on previous ideas...

There are 8 Gym Leaders. By defeating them, you obtain their badges and gain right to challenge the Elite Four. By defeating each of them you can obtain the title of champion. There will be no Champions until someone has accomplished this task. These 12 trainers, once assigned, will have an NPC of themselves. This NPC stays in the gym to accept challengers, while the real person is allowed to leave and do their own business. The gym NPC will also have a fixed, and most likely diluted version of the original team, and thus is easier to defeat in order to claim the badge. Even if the gym leader is present, one can challenge the NPC instead in order to fight the weakened version. If they are up to it, they can fight the gym leader in all of his strength to obtain a golden print version of the original badge and an HM that allows them access into new parts of the map as a reward.

Furthermore, a gym leader NPC can be a specialty battle in which new rules or twists are introduced. This can be the environment, rules of winning, amount of pokemon etc., Every gym has a theme and thus by over coming the theme you over come the gym itself. This, however, is only the case of taking on the NPC gym leader as opposed to the Gym leader himself. Even though this is an NPC, it isn't a robot. It will still be played by the Gym leader, and have his same personality and everything.

These assigned 12 start off with 6 pokemon of their choice within' their theme. They can still catch other pokemon as a normal trainer would after that.

4 Re: Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all) on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:08 am


Poke'ball system --

First the lingo... Beginner pokemon are baby pokemon, and pokemon that are in the beginner area of the map. Tier 1 pokemon are the basic level of pokemon. This include the original pokemon forms and their baby forms. Tier 2 is their second evolution, and Tier three are fully evolved pokemon. Tier 4 is Legendaries.

Poke'Ball - Beginner pokemon
Great Ball - Tier 1 pokemon
Ultra Ball - Tier 2 pokemon

Net Ball - Tier 1 water pokemon
Lure Ball - Tier 2 water pokemon
Dive Ball - Tier 3 water pokemon

Dusk Ball - Pokemon Found in Cave

Fast Ball - Pokemon with 100+ Speed

Heavy Ball - Pokemon that weighs more then 500lbs

Moon Ball - Acts like a moonstone, evolves those pokemon it catches

Nest Ball - Flying Type pokemon

Repeat Ball - Pokemon whose species was already caught.

Quick Ball - Tier 2 pokemon that hasn't been caught by anyone else yet.

Timer Ball - Strength depends on amount of words typed in catching post.

1000 - Tier one
1500 - Tier two
2000 - Tier three
Over 9000 - Tier Four

Friend - ???
Heal - ???
Level - ???
Love - ???
Luxury - ???

Master Ball - Tier 4

Special Balls -- Event only balls

Cherish Ball - Rewarded Pokemon
Park Ball -
Safari Ball -
Sport Ball -

5 Re: Idea's Topic (Free Post, Open to all) on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:29 am


-Traveling System: Basically I was thinking of doing it like a normal game would be, with cities, then the routes and such. The area's could be actual RP areas with the pokemon that would normally show up along these routes having percentages as chances for them to show up. The normal traveling is unmoderated, however the battle and capture of the pokemon is moderated. It'll be turn based with the RPG mod, RPing out the pokemon, this will keep the users from "auto catching" the pokemon.

-Levels: I was thinking of keeping the levels and using an EXP system like in the game. After each battle won you get a certain number of EXP. Though we can lower the amount needed as battles won't be as frequent.

-Pokedex: I was thinking we could have the pokedex already set up, then get like a giant list of pokemon off of some place like bulbapedia and use the images and make a list in the personal profile and then use that list to show what pokemon they have in their pokedex. And once someone has 100 pokemon, we can reward them or something.

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