Set in the region of Iddei create your own path as you travel along the road to becoming a pokemon master.

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Rules Of The Site

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1 Rules Of The Site on Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:42 pm

The Basics:

1) This site is PG-13. This means no explicit content, sexual innuendos, extremely foul language, excessive gore or violence is not acceptable. Anything considered past this rating will be deleted by staff and will result in a warning being given out to the player. If such actions continue it will result in a banning.

2) Please try to uphold a high quality or role playing on this site. We ask all to please keep in mind their grammar, spelling, and punctuation just for the general ease for all Role Players and Staff on the site. We know that everyone on the site is not exactly up to par with others on the site, therefore enforcement of this rule is pretty lenient. The way we will enforce this rule is if it is being done deliberately done to insult or infuriate a fellow member

3) Only Staff Members can post on Applications for things such as trainer applications, move applications, and other such topics. If you do so without permission your post will be promptly deleted and you will be notified with a warning. The only case that one can do so is if given permission by Administrator. We ask that you give those who comment on your application, Staff or not, some respect. Failure to do so may cause a delay in your applications approval.

4) Please do not double post. We ask for you to edit your previous post instead.

5) Please do not Spam outside of the Spam Basket Forum. A large amount of posting in one subject that is more than a noted double post. If excessive posting is done in an in-RP or an Out of Context (OOC) manner without the expressed approval of other Role Players is not a recommended idea. This can result in the deletion of your posts and a warning given to you. An example of such an action is to deliberately enter a topic without permission and posting multiple times to disrupt the other role players.

6) Advertising your site is permitted, but only in the ‘Advertisement’ Section. The only way one can advertise on in this section is by obtaining 150 posts or more, or another way by affiliating there site with our own. Please ask an Administrator for more information. If one disregards these rules their content will be removed and a warning will result. If this is done too many times then the user can be banned or even to the point where the site cannot be advertized any longer on the site.

7) The Staff is composed of busy people with real lives. Unless absolutely necessary please do not private message (PM) a moderator or administrator about checking an application. Doing so can result in the moderator or administrator becoming irritated, causing your application to move to the bottom of the list. As they say, “Patience is a virtue.”

8 ) Please respect your fellow role players. This means no cursing, spamming, extreme flaming, petty arguments, or anything else that is unnecessary or ridiculous. If something like this has happened please report it to one of the Administrators or Moderators via a Private Message (PM) or through other means and we will take care of it swiftly. This applies to in-RP situations. If you are going to use vulgar language pleas put it as the topic.

Topic Name: Searching for a Oran Berry [Vulgar Language]
(If one does not follow this rule it leads to warnings then eventual punishment)

Banned Content

1) This site is loosely based on cannon. Therefore cannon characters and events have not happened in this Role Playing Game. The only things canon are the Pokémon, their moves, items, and some other methods and enhancements. Please respect the fact that we may have altered one or two things to better enhance the overall role playing experience.

2) The use of Legendary Pokémon is prohibited without the expressed permission of an Administrator. Failure to do so will cause the ‘sudden’ escape of said Pokémon.

Character Rules:

1) No Canon Characters are allowed in this forum

2) Each Member can only have one character unless allowed multiple by a staff member.

3) Please follow the template set forth by the staff to make a character. Failure to follow so will result in a simple warning.

4) If you want to create a character that is not a Trainer or one that is a bit more experienced than others just starting out one needs the permission of an administrator.

5) If you no longer want a character please inform a staff member and they will properly dispose of it.

6) If you decide to create a law-breaking trainer they can be punished by another trainer or by a Law Enforcement Officer. Remember that if you do the crime, you eventually do the time.

[To be continued...]

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